Friday faves | 10.06.16

Frankie magazine and weekend chill time

Well we’ve reached Friday and it’s a long weekend to boot. Yaassss!

I’m going to be doing some serious chilling and also some serious thinking over the next few days. I got news yesterday that’s going to change up my nicely-balanced working week, which makes things interesting and slightly unsettling; it might mean less time spent writing for the blog. Or more perhaps? I’ll soon see.

I know, I know, I owe you guys a LONG overdue update on what’s been happening behind the scenes lately – I promise it’s coming soon!

While I write that one up, I hope you have an awesome weekend. Grab your favourite magazine (mine’s Frankie, can you tell?), plus a blanket and head to a nice shady spot on the grass for some quality down time!

xx Steph

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