Make it | Clay rope bud vases for We Make Collective

May 31, 2016


The latest We Make Collective kit is all about polymer clay and boy did I have a lot of fun with this one. It took me right back to primary school craft lessons, especially because the technique I ended up using was one I learnt from my teacher way back when I was a little kid discovering clay for the very first time!


I’m not exaggerating when I say this one is crazy simple guys – after all, if 9 year old me could do it, then it’s definitely achievable for everybody. The best thing of all is that while the method is simple, there are so many ways you can change up the colours or finish to make these small bud vases complete unique to you. Or you could go big and make something larger like a planter using the same technique – that would be amazing!

For the full DIY, head on over to the member’s section of We Make Collective. Oh, and if you haven’t yet signed up for the tutorials, I’d highly recommend it – there’s so much wonderful crafty goodness just waiting for you on the other side. 🙂

xx Steph

Friday faves | 27.05.16

May 27, 2016

Printable patterned envelope labels

Hallo friends! What are you up to this fine Friday? While I’d love to pretend this peaceful scene is me catching up on my letter writing, nothing could be further from the truth – I’m still trying to get a handle on my inbox, let alone finding the time to send out snail mail!

I designed these fun envelope labels a few weeks back to share with Curbly readers and I forgot all about letting you guys know they were over there – sorry peeps. I still hold out hope that someday I’ll make good use of them by sending out oodles of letters to all my loved ones, but for now I’m keeping them on hand to dress up plain greeting card envelopes when my friends have birthdays (or babies, which seems to be happening a lot lately!).

If you’re a keen snail mailer you should head on over for the printable file before you start your next letter writing sesh. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

xx Steph


Make it | Printable toucan gift boxes

May 26, 2016

DIY toucan gift boxes with free printable!

Given everyone’s love affair with flamingoes, it feels a bit wrong to say this BUT… I think toucans might be my new favourite bird.

(as I typed that, I half expected a pink lightning bolt to shoot from the skies and strike me down!)

Whether or not anyone else feels the same way, I’m hooked on everything about toucans from their beautiful black feathers, to their splendid rainbow beaks and let’s not forget their great taste in habitats (tropical rainforest anyone?).

DIY toucan gift boxes with free printable!

I feel a lot of toucan-themed DIYs coming on in the near future, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that you guys are as into them as I am. If you are, then you’re going to love this printable – it’s perfect for your next bright, summery party and it comes complete with cute illustration to satisfy any toucan fever you might have. 😉

See below for all the details and happy crafting!


  • Printable toucan gift box file (see the end of this post for the file)
  • White card
  • Scissors
  • Glue or double-sided tape
  • Bone folder
  • Ruler

Materials needed for DIY toucan gift boxes

Step 1

Print the toucan gift box file onto good quality white card (see the end of this post to download the file).

Using a ruler and bone folder, score along each of the faint white lines in the print. There should be 19 lines in total that mark out the tabs, sides, top and bottom of the box.

Step 1 - DIY toucan gift boxes

Step 2

Once you’ve scored along all the lines, cut out each of the boxes with a pair of scissors.

Step 2 - DIY toucan gift boxes

Step 2 - DIY toucan gift boxes

Step 3

Fold the boxes along the lines you scored earlier. As you do this, the box will start to take shape. You should be folding inwards so that the printed side of the box is on the outside and the white area is on the inside.

Step 3 - DIY toucan gift boxes

Step 4

Apply glue or double-sided tape to each of the small triangular tabs on the box (there are 6 in total).

Step 4 - DIY toucan gift boxes

Step 5

Stick each tab to the side of the box that’s directly next to it.

Step 5 - DIY toucan gift boxes

Step 5 - DIY toucan gift boxes

Once all the tabs are stuck down, simply close the lid and your boxes are complete!

DIY toucan gift boxes with free printable!

DIY toucan gift boxes with free printable!

DIY toucan gift boxes with free printable!

DIY toucan gift boxes with free printable!

So what do you think? Have I gotten you hooked on my colourful feathered friends yet? If not, that’s okay, we’ve got plenty of time for me to slowly win you over. 😉

Oh, and if by chance you’ve caught my toucan fever, make sure you sign up for my newsletter – the next one’s coming out in a few days and it’ll have some matching toucan gift tags that go perfectly with these little gift boxes. Yay!


Toucan gift box printable

xx Steph

Make it | Minimal spice rack for Curbly

May 24, 2016


Well it’s only taken me two years, but I’ve finally gotten around to making a spice rack to house these spice jars I painted when I first started blogging. Slow and steady wins the race right? 😉


I tell you what, I don’t know why I waited so long – this is seriously one of the easiest and quickest projects to put together. All you need are some small pieces of wood and some wood glue and you’ll have yourself a place to house those spices in no time. Head on over to Curbly for the full tutorial and happy crafting!

xx Steph

Friday faves | 20.05.16

May 20, 2016

Cute wooden spoon and our favourite finds from the week

Hallo friends! My new wooden spoon and I wish you a very happy Friday. Actually though, I don’t know if she’s feeling very happy about things at all – she seems a bit concerned about what I might be up to in the kitchen (rightly so, I’m a terrible cook).

I got this little gem free as part of a campaign here in Australia to reduce the incidence of house fires and I’m pretty chuffed she’s now a part of my utensil collection regardless of how alarmed she appears. She might even encourage me to cook more? Ha, yeah right, wishful thinking… 😉

Instead of cooking this weekend, I’ll be spending time getting stuck into crafts with friends at a lovely crafternoon. Which is the best kind of afternoon as far as I’m concerned! I hope you’ve got some great plans ahead for the next two days and don’t forget to check out the links below for a good dose of pretty…

  • MAKE – I must start playing with bleach more. Odd statement yes, but just look at how beautiful it can make previously old, tired napkins!
  • WEAR – If I get this bag, I can have a fried egg with me at all times. Dream come true.
  • EATThese cakes are all my hypercolour, rainbow-lovin’, childhood birthday party fantasies made real.
  • DRINK – I’ve been getting into matcha a lot lately, so this iced latte is kinda the drink of my dreams right now
  • WANT – Society6 do beach towels now didya know? I’d mosey on over to get one because they look mighty fine, especially this toucan which is my personal fave.
  • RECAP – Got old bottles lying around? They make pretty fine vases if I do say so myself!

xx Steph

Make it | Upcycled bottle vase

May 19, 2016

DIY upcycled bottle vase

My husband came home from work the other day and presented me with an empty bottle. He said he’d kept it for me because it was a pretty shape and he thought I’d like it. Can I get a round of applause for this man of mine that knows me so well?

Over the course of the next two days, he proceeded to bring home two more bottles until I decided to tell him that three was probably enough! And once I had all three, I thought it’d be nice to use them as vases because my plants keep sending out offshoots that need to be nursed before they’re replanted (on a side note, can you believe that MY plants are having babies? Me, the plant killer!).

DIY upcycled bottle vase

This project is one of those reeaaaaalllllly easy ones folks, so if you’re in the mood for something simple to craft this weekend, get that spray paint out and follow along. 🙂


  • Glass bottles
  • White spray paint
  • Black paint pen
  • Ruler

Step 1

Give your bottles a good clean, then take them outside and coat them with white spray paint.

DIY upcycled bottle vase - step 1

DIY upcycled bottle vase - step 1

Step 2

With a ruler and black paint pen, start drawing lines at regular intervals around the circumference of your bottle. Stagger the lines, so that some are short, others long and some an in-between length.

DIY upcycled bottle vase - step 2

DIY upcycled bottle vase - step 2


And that’s all there is to it! See, I told you it was easy. 🙂

Important note – These bottles are purely decorative; I’m using them as vases and don’t plan to wash them much. Spray paint and paint pens might rub off if your bottles are regularly cleaned (and definitely don’t put them in the dishwasher!). If you’re going to be washing your bottles frequently, I’d suggest using glass paint and firing it in the oven to set the paintwork.

DIY upcycled bottle vase

DIY upcycled bottle vase

DIY upcycled bottle vase

You might be wondering where the third bottle is of the three that my husband gave me to decorate? Well, like a lot of things this week this DIY didn’t entirely go to plan and the third bottle (which I’d painted black as a nice contrast) got totally messed up. Oh well, two out of three ain’t bad right?

xx Steph

Life in colour | Summer twilight

May 17, 2016

Summer sunset mood board

dress | bathroom | clock | vase | art

The other day I walked into the kitchen of my 18th floor office that overlooks the city and has views all the way out to the mountains. And I was greeted by the most spectacular sunset I’ve seen in months – it was red, purple, orange and yellow, with hints of navy plus the incoming black of night. In short, stunning.

And I knew that the next colour post I did just had to be of that beautiful summer twilight. It’s not often I get to see a sunset with so many gorgeous shades, but when I do, you can bet I spend every moment I can drinking it in, even when I’m supposed to be working! 😉

What do you think of this combo? Do you love it or is it not really your cup of tea?

xx Steph

Friday faves | 13.05.16

May 13, 2016

petals and ribbon

Hola friends! We’re officially two weeks away from June. Can you believe it? TWO WEEKS. The thought makes me kind of panicky because I’d planned to achieve so much over the course of this year and now it’s already half way over!

But you know what? Yesterday I took some time out to look back over the last few months and I realised that I’ve actually hit quite a few of the goals I was aiming for. It just doesn’t feel that way because when you’re right in the middle of things, it’s hard to see any progress. Know what I mean?

Anyway, that’s enough philosophical musing from me this week (try not to sigh too loudly with relief). It’s Friday and that means it’s well and truly time to stop deliberating and start partying! And by party, I mean get out the sketchpad, curl up in front of the TV and drink hot chocolate. 😉

I hope your weekend brings you amazing things – have a good one!

  • WANT – My friend Erin has just opened a shop and I’m in love with everything listed. You guys are keeping a record of things to get me for my birthday right? Well I’d like one of each please. 😉
  • EAT – I love eye motifs, so naturally I adore these cupcakes
  • MAKE – Did you know it’s possible to watercolour fabric? I can’t believe this info was missing from my life for so long!
  • ART – Nina Cosford’s my latest artist crush. I especially like these swimmers she illustrated. Also, you should check out her shop because she sells pants badges which make me giggle.
  • DRINK – A cute way to make super cool and extra pretty mimosas
  • RECAP – Did you catch my stool makeover? It was so easy that I think I’m going to be making over all my old furniture from now on. Also, if you’re into cereal, you might really like this print. 😉

xx Steph

Before + after | DIY grid stool makeover

May 12, 2016

DIY grid stool makeover

I should maybe start off by noting that there are a lot of wonderful chair makeovers out there in the DIY world, many of which are way more complex than this one. So this tutorial is probably something you’ve seen before in one format or another, but I couldn’t resist sharing it with you for two reasons.

The first one is that I got this stool for $10. Ten! Bargain I tell ya.

The second is… grids. I mean come on, you can’t say no to a good grid right?

DIY grid stool makeover

There’s a third reason too and that’s that I’m not very experienced at upcycling furniture. Yet I made my way through this little facelift, which means regardless of your DIY skill level, you can too. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

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