Friday faves | 26.08.16

Friday faves | 26.08.16


Ooh boy it’s been a jam packed fortnight. What with my husband’s birthday last week, my birthday this week and a massive road trip last weekend (12 hours of driving over 2 days, not for the faint hearted), I feel like I’ve been hit by a mack truck. This introvert is well and truly exhausted, and more than ready to spend all of her weekend alone curled up with a good book. And maybe some sorbet. Because let’s face it, despite the fact I’ve practically eaten my weight in cake lately, sugar is never off the cards as far as I’m concerned!

Thankfully, the next few days bring nothing but rest and relaxation and I can’t WAIT for the downtime. I hope your weekend is going to be equally as blissful – have a good one!

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