Friday faves | 23.01.15

Friday faves | 23.01.15

Friday Faves | 23.01.15

After the chaos that was last week, this week has been calm. Very quiet. Almost unbelievably so in fact – like I’ve forgotten something vital that’s going to hit when I least expect it.

I’m not complaining though… this down time has given me plenty of space to prep for my upcoming trip to Japan (oh my goodness, ONE WEEK to go!).

It’s also meant I can work on lots of projects to share here while I’m away, and I’ve gotten a chance to just chill. To stop and smell the roses, which is exactly what I wanted for this year (if you missed it, see my slow living post for my one and only new year’s resolution for 2015).

And best of all, I’ve had lots of time to browse through image after image of internet goodness. YES. Some of my faves are below – enjoy!

  • ART – Do you ever come across something that makes your jaw drop with wonder? Well this artist definitely fits that category. I’ve worked with paper a lot and yet I can’t imagine making anything so intricately beautiful (via Miss Moss)
  • EAT – So. The immature 10 year old in me wants to slur ‘orrraange…sherrrrberrrt’ in my best Austin Powers voice every time I see this cake. The rest of me just wants to eat it. Yummo!
  • MARRY – Okay, I don’t think these florals were made for a wedding but if I was to get married again they would be the flowers I’d choose, hands down.
  • GROW – Whenever I make these lists there always seems to be at least one find from Anthropologie. Addicted? Maybe. Justified? I think so. But I’ll let these animal heads do all the talking. C’mon, you know you can’t resist! 🙂
  • MAKETwo-step marble side table. Need I say more?
  • RECAP – Did you see my lipstick make-up bag from earlier this week? If not, be sure to check it out, it’s super easy to make and tons of fun!

xx Steph

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