Friday faves | 01.05.15

Friday faves | 01.05.15


Yay it’s Friday! I’m ending off the week with a few sprinkles because… well sprinkles don’t really need a reason, but if there has to be one I guess my first blog birthday is as good an excuse as any right? 😉

This weekend I’m kinda looking forward to stepping away from the DIY and turning off my laptop (no, I promise I’m not ill). I just live and breathe this blog so much that sometimes I forget what it’s like not to be planning my next post or working on the next project (more on that in a little while). So tomorrow I’m going to shut down those screens and recharge for a bit; I hope you get a chance to do the same.

The weather’s supposed to be terrible though (typical!), so if you find yourself needing a little internet distraction why not head on over to my favourite links from the week that was:

  • ART – Fellow Aussies, get excited with me – this new art discovery is all kinds of awesome (via the Design Files)
  • WANT – There’s four months to my birthday. That leaves you plenty of time for you to pre-order this bad boy for me (just sayin’ 😉 ) (via Design Taxi)
  • LOVE – All fonts, all the time. If you like seeing type in action, then this is the site for you.
  • NEWS – Did you hear? All that super cool art you’ve been wanting to hang on your walls can now decorate your legs.
  • MAKE – Is it strange that every time I see these ice cubes I want to lick my screen? I swear I’m not a total weirdo, they just look so tasty!
  • RECAP – Did you catch my ultra simple way to pattern up your plant pots?

xx Steph

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