Friday faves | 27.02.15

Friday faves | 27.02.15


Whew, with all this gallivanting about the place (haha ‘gallivanting’ – I’m starting to sound like my mum), it’s been awhile since I got together a faves post!

I couldn’t resist sneaking in another photo from our trip because… well let’s face it, that was far and away my favourite part of the week, month and probably year too!

Are you totally sick of Japan pics yet? I hope not, but if you’re in the mood for something a little different, there’s lots of non-travel related pretty below for your viewing pleasure 🙂

  • WANTED: Emotional pineapple. Is that’s not the cutest thing you’ve seen all year?
  • ART: Thinking outside the square. Or frame to be precise. This art takes that concept to a whole new level and is all sorts of lovely.
  • PARTY: Isn’t this baby shower the prettiest one you ever did see?
  • WEAR: I’m so in love with these shoes. Buy me a pair pretty please? I’ll be your best friend!
  • EAT: I went all over Japan seeing dessert after decadent dessert and yet these meringue nests take the cake (ha, see what I did there? 😉 )
  • RECAP: If you missed out on seeing this super simple way to dress up your coasters, head on over for some good old chalkboard fun.

xx Steph

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