Friday faves | 26.06.15

Friday faves | 26.06.15

Friday faves 26-05-15

You know what’s better than having a few flowers in the studio? Having MANY flowers in the studio. 🙂

My workspace has never looked more like a tropical paradise and it’s all because I needed some props for my latest shoot. Definitely one of the plus sides of blogging.

Ironically, now that my studio looks so inviting, I won’t be spending much time in it this weekend… I’ll be doing a bit of whale watching instead! Keep your fingers crossed that I spot some of our gigantic sea-dwelling friends, and have yourselves a wonderful weekend.

  • WORK – I want my my studio to look exactly like this mmkay?
  • EAT – Be honest with me, would it be bad if I ate these all day?
  • DRINKThis beverage might not have done what it was intended to do, but it sure looks as tasty as all get out.
  • ART – I’d just never stop dreaming about summer if this painting was hanging on my wall.
  • DESIGN – If you could use only eight typefaces from now on, which would you pick? Renowned designers weigh in and these are the fonts they chose.
  • RECAP – Don’t miss out on the lip action this winter; get yourself a lip print scarf stat!

xx Steph

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