Friday faves | 10.07.15

Friday faves | 10.07.15

friday faves | 10.07.15

Ah Friday. It never comes around soon enough these days, does it? Especially when it’s this cold and all I want to do is hide under the covers and not have to go to work in the freezing weather. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m SO jealous of my northern hemisphere friends and their summer warmth right now. 🙂

Winter whinging aside, before we wrap up for the week, I had to share another shot from the pop up shop I went to last weekend because it was so pretty. Unsurprisingly, I bought ALL THE THINGS (this, my friends, is why I never have any money). Don’t be down if you missed out though – you can still get yourself lots of lovely items at the Lime Tree Bower and Forage & Find online stores. Hooray, for internet shopping!

Have a good weekend lovelies and don’t forget to check out my faves below:

xx Steph

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