Friday fail | Honey I shrunk the shrinky dinks!

Friday fail | Honey I shrunk the shrinky dinks!

Shrink plastic crafting fail!

I thought it was high time I shared another crafting fail with you and this one comes in the form of smaller-than-small rainbow and unicorn charms!

If you’re wondering what happened here, well it turns out my math skills ain’t so great and I underestimated how much shrink plastic would shrink when I made last month’s rainbow and unicorn necklaces. The end result are these micro-charms which are no bigger than my fingernail. Oops!

And before you go thinking that this sounds like more of a win than a fail (because things in miniature are always cuter yes?), there’s also the fact that I left them in the oven too long so they’re a bit on the brown side from getting burnt. ‘Way too small plus kinda brown’ isn’t the way I’d envisaged my necklaces, so after a few giggles at how tiny these pendants came out, it was back to the drawing board (or the oven as the case may be!).

I may end up turning these little ‘accidents’ into earrings or bracelet charms in the future, but if you’ve got any other genius ideas for how they might be used, leave me a note below – I’m all ears!

xx Steph

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