Tropical punch mood board

Purple and peach tropical mood board

crescent nail art | ‘be you, not them’ iphone wallpaper | throw pillow | phone case | embroidered top

After taking a photo of Lauren on her favourite tropical blanket yesterday (you can see the pic here!), I was inspired to put together a summer mood board because I noticed that purple fits really well in a tropical colour scheme! Ordinarily, it isn’t a shade I’d associate with warmer weather but that just goes to show what I know right?

And now that I’ve pulled these pretty images together, I can well and truly say that this combo’s got me hooked! You can bet once summer rolls around I’ll be using purple and peach a lot more in my designs – they provide a nice alternative to the usual tropical pinks, yellows and greens. How do you feel about this mix… is it one you’d use in your summer decorating?

xx Steph

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  • That pillow and the blue nails are gorgeous! I’m waiting on our contractor to do our floors and countertops and once that happens I can’t wait to decorate!!! Anyway, I saved your moodboard on Pinterest πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Claire! It’s been a work in progress – I find positioning everything on a white background helps to bring all the different elements together more easily but it took me awhile to figure that out haha. I love the detail you bring to your mood boards, it’s clear how much thought you’ve put into each item you’ve chosen. πŸ™‚