Upping my game

Camera skills

Alright guys, I have something to share with you but you have to promise not to judge okay? Okay. 🙂

I’ve been making stuff for this blog for almost half a year now, and before that I used to design wedding stationery. And all of that time, I’ve been taking (hopefully pretty!) photos of my work.

Based on this, I think most folks assume that I know my way fairly well around an SLR camera. But actually, all my photos have been taken on my iPhone. Not even an iPhone 5 or 6 either, just my little, ‘starting to break down and look rather ratty’ iPhone 4S.

To make matters worse, my lovely, thoughtful husband bought me an SLR over a year ago so I could use it for product photography. And I haven’t touched it.

I can hear you saying now ‘For the love of all that’s good, WHY?’. And the answer is, I honestly don’t know! I did try to use the SLR once, and my photos came out so dark and horrid that I didn’t touch it again. I also found I couldn’t get close enough to the objects I was shooting without having the camera protest.

I guess it comes down to the fact that I’m a creature of habit, the SLR was an unknown and the phone was just easier. But I’ve recently gotten a new lens from a friend (a nice 50mm one that may solve some of my past camera problems), so it’s time for  a change!

I’m upping my game folks and hopefully that’ll mean much nicer project photography for your DIY viewing pleasure. 🙂

Wish me luck!

xx Steph


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  • SHUTUUUUUUUP. I cannot believe al your photos were taken with your phone. This is insane! I did one post with my phone and immediately was like nope, this isn’t going to work. I have a ratty 4S too and my pics do NOT looks as good as yours. WOW! You’re right though, you should probably make use of your SLR because, you know, it’s there 😛
    Mind. is. blown.

    • Haha, thanks Amy, I’m so glad you couldn’t tell! I should probably add that my original photos aren’t anywhere near what they look like on the blog – there’s a lot of photo editing that goes on behind the scenes (thank goodness for photoshop!).

  • Can’t believe the photos on your past posts are all taken from iphone! So amazing. Perhaps when you learn the tricks of SLR, your photos will be even more fabulous.

    • Aw, thanks Belindq! I’d just be happy if the whole process got a bit easier and I didn’t have to do so much editing behind the scenes… but if my photos get better in the process, hey I won’t be complaining 🙂

    • Oh you know I’m already feeling that way! I took some photos for next week’s post with the SLR and I could take them at many different times of day in multiple places (as opposed to having to stick to mid-morning in the room that has the best light). Hurrah – it’s a whole new world! 😀

  • You are going to love working with your DSLR once you get the hang of it! And feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions! And, I would LOVE to know how you got such quality photos with your iPhone!! The pics I take with my iPhone 5 look nowhere near that nice, even with a lot of Photoshop intervention! But you will love the focus you get with a 50mm, soooo nice. 🙂

    • Aw thanks Marlene – it’s so nice to know I have someone to call on if I can’t get the camera to work! It’s already been fun playing with it so far, I can’t believe it took me this long to start using it! The clarity and depth of field is sooo cool 🙂

      As for the iPhone, I can’t really explain how I get the photos to turn out (aside from photoshop) – good quality lighting is definitely important. Oh and a steady hand 🙂