Printable hot air balloon wall art

Hot air balloon printable wall art

Did you watch the Wizard of Oz when you were a kid? I loved that movie, and the scene I enjoyed most (apart from the ruby slippers of course, which are every little girl’s dream) was the scene where the wizard reveals his majestic hot air balloon to Dorothy and her friends.

Ever since then I’ve wanted to take a trip in a hot air balloon and while I haven’t ticked that off my bucket list yet (I don’t have that kind of money ha), the thought of riding in one still brings to mind all sorts of fun, lighthearted imagery and dreams of journeys to come.

Hot air balloon printable wall art

So with that in mind, I drew up these colourful pretties as inspiration for my walls and now I can’t get any work done because I spend my days fantasising about going on adventures. Brilliant start to the year I say! 😉


Hot air balloon wall art
(free for personal use only)

xx Steph


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