Printable jar storage labels

No matter how crazy life gets, I always feel cooler, calmer and more collected when my surroundings are in order. A clear desk and well organised space equals greater clarity, at least for me anyway. Do you ever find that’s the case?

Printable jar storage labels

I put together these storage labels in an attempt to wrangle my overflowing studio and neglected kitchen into some semblance of order and hopefully get my head in a better space in the process. And because it’s no fun tidying up by oneself, I’m sharing these bad boys today on Curbly so we can all get our stuff sorted together!

There are labels for your pantry, some for your office space and others for your seeds and gardening bits (because we all know how much I love plants).

And the best part of all is that they’re customisable so you don’t have to use the labels I picked – you can change them up to suit! Go on – get organised, you know you want to. 😉

xx Steph