Printable mountain advent calendar for Curbly

Printable advent calendar

I can’t believe it’s taken me almost two years of blogging and many years of procrastinating before I finally made myself an advent calendar. It’s ridiculous… I love counting down the days to Christmas, but the lethal combo of laziness and distractions has meant that I haven’t made or bought an advent calendar since moving out of home almost a decade ago!

Printable advent calendar

So now that I’ve finally got one, I’m super excited for December to start! I’m going to fill my calendar with all sorts of edible goodies and fun festive greetings. Actually, maybe I’ll get my husband to do it, so I can be surprised when I open each day’s pocket. Haha, I’m such a kid.

Want to make an advent calendar of your own? Knock yourself out – the printable file and full instructions are now on Curbly. 🙂

xx Steph

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