Printable strawberry gift wrap

printable strawberry gift wrap

Today is my mum’s birthday, so I thought I’d make a printable wrapping paper in her favourite shades of red to celebrate! And since I was working in such a tasty colour, it seemed only natural to make the wrapping strawberry patterned. Colourful AND fruity… what’s not to love? 😉

printable strawberry gift wrap

printable strawberry gift wrap

printable strawberry gift wrap

Naturally, I couldn’t stop at one pattern so there are three pages of gift wrap to choose from – strawberries on a red or white background and polka dots.  Simply download the files below, print them out onto white paper and wrap to your heart’s content!

Side note: It’s now less 9 DAYS until I go away to Japan. Me? Excited? You can bet your bottom dollar I am! Also, just a tad stressed at all the things I still have to do before I go… deep breaths…. deeeeep breaths. Breathe. Whew…


Gift wrap: strawberries on red background

Gift wrap: strawberries on white background

Gift wrap: black polka dots

xx Steph

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