Make + give | Printable flamingo gift wrap

April 21, 2015

printable flamingo gift wrap

If I’m being honest, I don’t really have any special reason for this design; no birthdays coming up and no tropical-themed celebrations in the works. I just woke up one morning and felt like painting a flamingo (as you do).

And because my pink feathered friend turned out a lot better than I’d originally expected (win!), I decided to make up some gift wrap for you so you can join in the flamingo fun!

printable flamingo gift wrap

printable flamingo gift wrap

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I ‘painted’ this little lady while I was lying in bed on the weekend. Tell me me that’s not the best way to illustrate. I think from now on I’m going to do all my art in between catching a few z’s!

printable flamingo gift wrap

printable flamingo gift wrap

To get your flamingo on, download the file below and print it onto white copy paper, then wrap up your gift in all that pink goodness. Oh and don’t forget, Mother’s Day is not too far away. Because you know… some mums out there might like to have their gifts wrapped in flamingoes. Just sayin 😉


Flamingo gift wrap

xx Steph

23 thoughts on “Make + give | Printable flamingo gift wrap

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  3. Emily

    This is so cute! Thanks so much for sharing, I’m going to wrap my moms Mother’s Day gift with this!! I’ve included your post in my Five on Friday roundup today. Have a wonderful weekend:)

    1. makeandtell Post author

      Oh wow, I’m so touched to hear you’ll be using the gift wrap for your Mother’s Day gift! Thanks for including me in your Five on Friday post and I hope you have a great weekend too xx

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  6. makeandtell Post author

    Nah, just give a gift to yourself (if you do, make it chocolate) 😉 . Haha, just kidding – I’m so glad you like the gift wrap Ashley – hopefully you get a chance to use it sometime soon!

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  15. Lorna-Marie

    I am in love with this… I am a teacher and would love to use this as a background of one of my projects. Can this be used for commercial use? I post my projects for purchase on TpT… credit would be given back to you


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