Printable fried egg Valentine’s card

honeycomb egg valentine's day card

Who’s in the mood for a Valentine’s project? I don’t know about you, but whenever this time of year rolls around, I always find myself searching for cards that are a little different from the norm. You know, not serious, sappy or corny (unless it’s tongue-in-cheek) and without too much red (my least favourite colour).

(Side note: last year, the card I got my husband had a little cartoon dog sniffing another cartoon dog’s butt with the words ‘I like you’. It made me giggle and I think that was his favourite of all the cards I’ve gotten him so far!)

This year, now that I have the blog I thought it’d be nice to create a card that was a little more ‘me’ than the ones in the stores. Bright colours, honeycomb hearts, even a dad joke thrown in for good measure (‘egg-cellent’, get it? 😉 ) – yep, total goofball and right up my alley. If you’re looking for a Valentine’s card with a difference, then get yourself some honeycomb balls from the lovely ladies at Light & Co and follow along!


  • Egg Valentine printable (see the end of this post to download)
  • Yellow 5cm mini honeycomb balls (available from Light & Co)
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • A pencil

honeycomb egg valentine's day card

Step 1

With your honeycomb balls closed, mark out half a heart shape on one side.

honeycomb egg valentine's day card

Step 2

Get your scissors and cut out the shape you just drew. After trimming them, when you unfold the honeycombs they should look like little hearts.

honeycomb egg valentine's day card

honeycomb egg valentine's day card

Step 3

Head to the end of this post, download the ‘Egg Valentine’ printable and print it out onto good quality card stock. Cut out the cards using scissors or a craft knife, then fold them in half (you can use a bone folder to score down the middle first if you’d like a cleaner fold).

honeycomb egg valentine's day card

Step 4

Add double-sided tape to your honeycomb hearts, then open them up and stick them on top of the yellow heart on the card.

honeycomb egg valentine's day card

honeycomb egg valentine's day card

And that’s it – with just a few easy steps you have some cute and quirky Valentine’s cards all ready to give to your significant other!

honeycomb egg valentine's day card

honeycomb egg valentine's day card

I have to say, I was surprised at how easy it was to come up with funny egg quotes for these cards! Eggs and Valentines hey… who knew?


Egg Valentine printable in pink

Egg Valentine printable in blue

xx Steph

A little note: This post was created in partnership with Light & Co. All opinions, the project and photos are my own.

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