Macrame pendant light for We Make Collective

DIY macrame lightshade for We Make Collective

I’m at my happiest when experimenting with new crafts. So it must have been very entertaining for the postman when he delivered the latest We Make Collective kit to my door because I morphed from a regular adult female into a super-excited-hyped-up-on-sugar kid on Christmas morning.

(To be honest, I think he might have been a little scared actually. It’s possible I now have a black mark against my name at the post office.)

DIY macrame lightshade for We Make Collective

Although I’ve dabbled with macrame before, the projects I’ve worked on in the past were nothing like making a full-blown light shade from scratch, so I was really keen to start puzzling out the best way to create a pendant light that was both functional and pretty.

The great miracle about macrame is that it’s easy to make something substantial out of a series of simple knots and not much else. So after a little trial and error (read: tying and untying knots many times until I got it right), I now have a spiffy light shade project to share with you!

DIY macrame lightshade for We Make Collective

The best part of all is that you don’t have to do the hard work of figuring out which knots to use where, because it’s already been done (you can thank me later 😉 ). All you need to get started is your We Make Collective kit and a subscription to the macrame tutorials. Simply log in using your member password, then you can while away the afternoon tying knots to your heart’s content.

xx Steph

ps. Don’t despair if you didn’t missed out on the macrame kit. You can still subscribe for access to the tutorials and join in on the making fun.

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