Introducing little miss Lauren

Introducing little miss Lauren

On 1st June 2017, Miss Lauren arrived and our lives changed forever. Throughout my pregnancy, the doctors expressed concern that she was on the small side, but she came in weighing 3.395kg (7.5 pounds) and measuring 53cm long, so she certainly wasn’t the tiny thing that everyone thought she would be!

Like most babies, Lauren entered the world in the usual way, but for me it was anything but ordinary. We did all the classes and read all the books, but nothing could have prepared us for the experience of labour, or how it would feel to be handed this precious little bundle to call our own.

Nor were we prepared for how all-consuming taking care of a newborn can be! I’m stealing a precious few moments to type this post and as I hurriedly bang away at my keyboard, I can tell you now that I am exhausted.

Nevertheless, she’s stolen our hearts and while we may be overwhelmed and a tad delirious, we’re also very much in love.

Introducing little miss Lauren

Being first-time parents, we’ve entered unchartered waters and are taking each day as it comes. Which usually brings a nice little surprise or two, like yesterday when she pooed all over hubby’s shirt during a nappy change!

Introducing little miss Lauren

If you like a good baby story, rest assured I’m amassing plenty to share with you over the coming months (including the birth story if you’re curious), but being as sleep deprived as we currently are, I’ll leave those tales ’til another day.

For now, I’m just so proud to be able to show you our little girl and I can’t wait to share this parenthood journey with you.

xx Steph

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