Friday faves | 14.11.14


Okay, I know I said not two weeks ago that I didn’t even want to hear about Christmas because the closeness of it all was freaking me out, but I’ve changed my mind. No I haven’t started Christmas shopping and yes, I’m waaaay behind on festive projects but the holiday season is INFECTIOUS.

I’ve been slowly letting myself think about the summer break, about days at the beach, about presents and carols and tinsel and fun and it’s getting me excited! So far I’ve resisted pulling out too many of my Christmas decorations but I just had to put up this little tree my parents got me from Germany. It’s traditional, and tiny, and I love it 🙂

The more heavy duty decorating will start once December rolls around (that’s one of our family traditions – is it the same for you guys?). In the meantime, why don’t you check out some of the lovely wonders the internet has brought my way:

  • WEAR: Why didn’t anyone tell me earrings come in glitter form?!
  • LIVE: I know, I know, again with the brush strokes. But admit it, you can’t resist either can you? Yes indeed, the home of this artist couple is beyond beautiful (via The Design Files)
  • GROW: Plants done right… I just love this assortment of greens and porcelain
  • EAT: Last week, I didn’t know what a posset was. Today I know. And my life is that much more complete. Grapefruit possets = heaven in a cup.
  • RECAP: If you missed how to turn bangles into a nifty pencil holder, get the low-down here…

xx Steph

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    • I know, it is a bit strange! Okay, it’s normal for me, but at the same time I grew up with stories of white Christmases and still have that in my head as what a traditional Christmas looks like. It’s my dream to one day experience a wintery festive season… I’ll keep wishing (and saving!) 🙂