Fried eggs desktop wallpaper

fried egg desktop wallpaper

Although I didn’t mean for it to happen, this month’s wallpaper ended up being a good illustration of how my mind tends to wander. For example, I’d originally intended to create an Easter themed design (because hello March!), which led me to think about chocolate. And that led to chocolate eggs, which caused me to eat a few (read: a packet) before I started to ponder about how much I like eggs of all kinds, and most especially fried ones.

And here we are – a fried egg desktop wallpaper that’s not even remotely related to Easter. You’re welcome. 🙂

fried egg desktop wallpaper

fried egg desktop wallpaper

To enjoy the fruits of my insanity rambling train of thought, hit the downloads below and get some jolly yolk on your screen!


Widescreen wallpaper (1900px wide)
Fullscreen wallpaper (1600px wide)
iPad wallpaper

xx Steph

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