I wish I was a cat printable wall art

I wish I was a cat - free printable wall art

Calling all cat lovers… this one’s for you! Now that we’ve reached March, any enthusiasm I had for the new year has officially flown out the window. I mean let’s face it, some of us are over the whole ‘getting up early to trudge to the office’ gig.

In fact, some of us (okay me) might even go so far as to admit we’ve often wished we were more like our feline friends who get to laze about in the sun, take cat naps and stare out the window all day.

I wish I was a cat - free printable wall art

So I thought now was the perfect time to make up a cheeky poster that celebrates my lifelong goal to live a bit more like the cats I love so much.

If you suffer from kitty envy from time to time, get this poster up on your walls and dream about that ‘purrrrfect’ life you might have had if you were of the feline persuasion!

Most days I wish I was a cat printable
(free for personal use only)

xx Steph

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