Sharpie paint pens

Sharpie paint pens

Everyone’s heard of Sharpies right? They’re brilliant for artwork on paper and like lots of us I’ve got a collection that goes back… oh many years. But it was only recently that I discovered the joys of Sharpie paint pens. They’re as easy to use as their permanent marker cousins, but are oil-based so you can draw on practically any surface. Hello dream craft tool!

To be honest, I haven’t tested their permanency yet, so I’m not sure what their staying power is like after washing or exposure to rain. But I can tell their versatility will come in very handy – I’m already itching to draw on every surface I see. Oh, and I love their ease of use and opaqueness too.

I’ll be using my paint pen in Wednesday’s project so make sure you tune in then!

xx Steph

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