Our laundry makeover on Curbly!

Before and after: See our laundry makeover on Curbly!

I think it’s safe to say that this is the biggest home project I’ve ever undertaken. Although I may be a dab hand at small crafts, room makeovers aren’t my forte so I generally stay well away. With my lack of knowledge around power tools, I have (quite well founded) fears that I’ll put a hole through the wall or somehow cause the ceiling to cave down on my head if I so much as install a set of shelves, let alone new kitchen cabinets or any other kind of major renovations.

But you know what they say – the magic happens outside your comfort zone. So last month, I took a deep breath, bit the bullet and made over our laundry.

Luckily for me, most of the updates involved only smart storage solutions, no major renos and (almost) no drilling!

Before and after: See our laundry makeover on Curbly!

Want to see how I tripled our storage space (and how awful our laundry looked before the makeover)? Head on over to Curbly for all the details!

xx Steph

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