Origami cranes wall art

Origami bird wall art

When I was a kid, origami was one of my favourite ways to while away the time. I wasn’t especially good at it, but there was something so relaxing about precisely folding little itty bits of paper into wonderfully clever shapes.

And the best part about it was that the fun didn’t stop at folding – there was just as much joy to be had in obsessively hoarding and squirrelling away as much pretty coloured paper as I could find. Were you the same? Tell me you were! I used to keep every little scrap I could get my hands on – maybe I was a strange kid but keep in mind that this was pre-internet days so I didn’t have Facebook or Pokemon Go to keep myself amused. 😉

Origami bird wall art

Nowadays, I don’t have much time to spend on origami. But I still love paper folding so I figured if I can’t fit any actual origami into my day-to-day, the very least I can do is add a little paper love to my walls! If you’re an origami fan like me or you just like a good helping of pretty colours and patterns, pin this poster up asap!


Origami bird wall art
(free for personal use only)

xx Steph

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