Clay air plant wall hanging for Squirrelly Minds

DIY clay hanging air plant holders

So while my brown thumb and I are killing most of my leafy friends (as usual), my air plants are evidently made of sturdier stuff because they’re going great guns! To the point where I decided to invest in some more, because surely if I haven’t killed the first lot yet, the second batch stand a fighting chance right?

DIY clay hanging air plant holders

And yes, my love for all things terracotta is still alive and kicking so naturally my newest plant babies have found themselves in a nice, earthy coloured home. 🙂

The best part of all is that I’m sharing this tutorial on Squirrelly Minds today while Tan takes some quality time out with her brand new bub – I’m so thrilled to be over there guest posting! Head to Tan’s lovely blog for the full tutorial and loads more DIY goodness – I can’t wait to see you there for some clay and paint fun.

xx Steph

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