DIY brush stroke napkins

Brush stroke napkin DIY | Make and Tell

Just when you thought I’d well and truly gotten over my brush stroke phase, here we go again! This time I wanted to give some plain white napkins a bit of a make-over to change them from uninspiring linens to statement pieces. Ha, that sounds totally pretentious but it’s true – I was after something that’d stand out in an otherwise ordinary table setting, and I think this fits the bill!

Did I mention these are so very easy to DIY? All you need is some fabric paint and a few napkins, so get those supplies out and let’s get crafting!


  • White cloth napkins
  • Fabric paint (in any colours you like)
  • Paintbrushes
  • A sheet of plastic (cling wrap or an old plastic bag works well)

Brush stroke napkin DIY | Make and Tell

Step 1

Give your napkins a good wash and iron to prep them for painting. Then lay down your sheet of plastic and place your napkin on top of it (this will protect the surface you’re painting on).

Step 2

Get out your paintbrushes and start painting on your brush strokes at the base of one side of the napkin. I used a few brushes so I had one for each shade which was much easier than having to wash my brush between colours.

Brush stroke napkin DIY | Make and Tell

Brush stroke napkin DIY | Make and Tell

Step 3

Leave your napkins to dry and if your fabric paint requires it, set the paint according to the manufacturer’s instructions (depending on the paint you use, it might require heat setting with an iron).

Brush stroke napkin DIY | Make and Tell

Brush stroke napkin DIY | Make and Tell

What do you think? Pretty nifty for minimal effort and time! This is a very similar process to the brush stroke scarf I made earlier last year so if you have those materials on hand already, then you’re pretty much all set for this project.

Brush stroke napkin DIY | Make and Tell

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns! I lined up my brush strokes in a strip at the bottom of the napkin and used lots of colours, but you could keep it to just one colour. Or fill the whole napkin with brush strokes… whatever takes your fancy!

xx Steph

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