Tips + tricks | Using double-sided tape

Tips + tricks | Using double-sided tape


You guys get to see the nicely styled photos and the end results of my projects and it all looks cohesive right? Well I hope so anyway!

Behind the scenes though, it’s a very different story. And given that I’m still learning a lot as I go along, I value any tips I can get my hands on. So I thought I’d share them with you as well!

This one’s a trick I picked up at a scrapbooking class once many moons ago and comes in handy pretty much anytime I’m working with paper.

I find double-sided tape is generally best for adhering two sheets of paper together, because it’s cleaner and more permanent than a glue-stick and doesn’t make the paper pucker after drying like PVA glue. But using it can be tricky. Just when you think you’ve got the right positioning and you stick your top sheet of paper down, one side lands slightly wonky and before you know it, you’re trying to daintily lift the top sheet off, creating tears and wrinkles in the process.

Instead of going through all that frustration, how about this – try lifting the backing of the double-sided tape at the ends only.


Fold the backing so it sticks up in two tabs, then position the top sheet of paper and stick it down.

If you’ve gotten the positioning wrong, it’s easy to lift the paper and try again as only the corners are stuck down. Once you’ve got the positioning right, remove the rest of the backing by pulling the tabs.



It’s the little details that make the biggest difference and this small tip has saved my projects countless times. Now go forth and tape like a boss!

xx Steph

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