The 6 month mark!

The 6 month mark!

6 month celebration

Hey hey would you look at that, I’ve been blogging for 6 months! Yay!!

And this time it really IS six months so we can legitimately break out the confetti!

(As a bit of back-story for those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram – a few weeks ago I thought LAST month was the half year mark because I’d momentarily forgotten how to count to six. I know, I know – even my 2 year old nephew can count that far. I’d just like to point out that nobody said I had to be able to count to blog, so there :D)

Numerical ineptitude aside, I have to say that blogging has been an absolute blast. I love making projects to share with you here, and I especially love being able to ‘meet’ you all (so to speak) when you comment and engage through this space.

You guys rock and you’re what keeps me going. Thanks for sticking it out with me this far, and here’s to the next six months!

xx Steph

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