This + that | Happy Easter!

This + that | Happy Easter!

Happy easter and life lately

Just popping in to wish my favourite people (yes you!) a very Happy Easter. 🙂

Before we break for the glorious long weekend ahead, I wanted to share what’s been happening over the last week because there’s been some changes afoot and life as I know it has gotten quite topsy turvy!

If you’ve been keeping track, you’ll probably be all over the fact that I quit my day job recently. I officially finished up last week and ever since then I’ve been pumping out content for this here blog. It may not look like much has changed yet, but I’ve got things in the works that I can’t wait to show you – funnily enough, there’s still too few hours in the day to fit in everything I want to do, but this scenario is waaaaaay better than trying to cram whatever I can into the hours before and after work.

Happy easter and life lately

Also, this weekend I’m going to Bali! Oh guys, I’m so looking forward to this trip – it’s been a long time coming and the beach-lazing-cocktail-sipping-goodness can’t come soon enough. Between this and not having a job though, I’m feeling a little um… ungrounded. You know what I mean? It’s like everything is very up in the air and uncertain at the moment. For now I’m just rolling with it, but eventually I’ll have to make a few decisions like:

  • Do I try to properly make this blog my full-time job? I reaaalllly want to, but there’s a lot of questions about that path like ‘how will I make enough money to eat?’
  • Or do I go down the safer route and get myself another part time job with fewer hours? This option makes more sense in terms of steady income and benefits (helllooo annual leave). But of course it doesn’t excite me like the first option does!

So that’s where things are at the moment and this is me keeping it real (because hey, I suck at lying and what fun would this be if I just pretended I had all the answers?). If you’ve gone through a similar life change, leave me a note below; I’d love to know how it went. And if you a fan of tropical holidays, be sure to follow along on IG for sneak peeks of my trip away!

xx Steph

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