Embracing change

Embracing change

Go with the flow

Change is a good thing. So they say. And ordinarily I agree, because I’m usually the one ringing in the changes. But when life gets tossed about and it’s out of my control, things become… unsettling.

Which is the case at the moment, especially in my day job. Huge changes are suddenly in the works to both the structure and staffing of my very small organisation and it’s been more stressful than I care to admit. I didn’t actually realise how tense I was until my body started telling me in its own way. Hello mouth ulcers (yep gross).

When I was moping about yesterday, my husband pointed out that I’d been through a similarly stressful time a couple of weeks ago. Which had turned out fine. And that was probably the best thing anyone could have told me because I suddenly remembered that yeah, it had actually turned out better than fine. In fact, the situation I was stressing about had turned into a great success, largely because I’d made it so.

Moral of the story? That changes come and go whether I like it or not, and that it’s what I make of the situation that matters the most. Oh, and that I’ll survive. And if I can convince myself to go with the flow and stop stressing, I’ll be much happier in the short term!

I hope your week’s been a little calmer than mine and here’s to a lovely weekend!

xx Steph

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