Dollars and sense

Dollars and sense


I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been terrible with my finances lately. There’s been waaaay too much of me buying all the things, and I don’t track my expenses so I don’t even know how much I’m spending (eek!).

Food is a large part of this problem for me. I’m not very savvy in the kitchen which means I always prefer eating out. And because each meal doesn’t cost a lot individually, I’ve been convincing myself that it’s okay, but across days and weeks those costs really add up.

So after my trip to Melbourne last weekend (where I, um, spent a lot and ate a lot!), I had a good chat with my friends and I’m trying to be more responsible with my spending.

Wait, scratch that – I’m GOING to be more responsible with my spending.

So far it’s going okay I guess (ha, I’m so enthusiastic). I’ve been bringing my lunches into work, I downloaded a budgeting app and I’m limiting the amount I go out at night (at least that part’s not hard – I’ll never need to worry about being a party animal!). I’ve also been trying to limit the amount I spend on craft supplies (sigh).

But I’m not finding it easy by any stretch of the imagination! Have any of you ever been through this joyful journey of financial restraint? If you’ve had similar experiences or if you’ve got any tips for saving, I’d love to know!

xx Steph

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