Chalk wet wipe markers

Chalk wet wipe markers

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Do you remember this geometric chalkboard spice jar project from last year? Well those little jars been in my kitchen for awhile now and they work a treat… that is, except for the chalk-staying-put part. Having the spice names written in chalk was a great idea in theory, but in practice the names tend to rub off or smear with the slightest touch, which isn’t great in a kitchen where things get bumped around on a daily basis!

Enter wet-wipe chalk markers. These babies are lifesavers! They’re easier to write with than traditional chalk, don’t smear or smudge when dry-wiped and erase easily when wiped with a wet rag. I love having these pens around to use on my spice jars, and they’ll also come in very handy for the project I’ll be sharing with you on Thursday. Intrigued? Stay tuned!

xx Steph

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