Adhesive pen for gold leaf

Adhesive pen for gold leaf

Supply spotting | Adhesive pen for gold leaf

Ooh, it’s been a while since I used gold leaf. The last time I tried my hand at it, I learned three important lessons:

  1. Don’t breathe too hard
  2. It gets easier (and better) with practice
  3. It’s difficult to form shapes!

The last point is the one I’ve been wanting to improve on for awhile, but it seems I lack the paintbrush skills to create anything other than large blobs. And while I’m totally on board with the abstract look most of the time, for this week’s project, I wanted my gold leaf application to be pretty precise.

Enter the gold leaf pen adhesive. Total genius! I was thrilled to find out about this stuff – it’s going to make it so much easier to apply gold leaf in fine lines and patterns. Which is exactly what I plan to do for Wednesday’s DIY. And while you’re waiting for that to roll around, I thought I’d leave you with some lovely ways to include this fab tool in your crafts…

  • These bowls are what started my gold leaf obsession. I’m mesmerised by how vibrant the gold is, and the patterns are so elegant.
  • Isn’t this a gorgeous idea for your wall? I love how easily the gold leaf can be worked to cover even the intricate little details in this art.
  • This one’s definitely on my to-do list for Easter. Cute and pretty and tons of fun to make!

xx Steph

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