Have you met Miss Jones? printable wall art

Have you met Miss Jones? printable wall art


Ha, I had fun with this one! Ten points if you know where this quote comes from (if you knew straight off the bat, I think that means we’ll be best friends forever!).


If you had to google it, that’s okay too – I accept that I’m a little strange. I possibly scare people with my ‘enthusiasm’ for Bridget Jones, especially when I start to recite the movie line for line. No wait, come back – I promise I’m not a total weirdo!

Ahem. Craziness aside, this is one of my favourite quotes from the movie and it’s too good not to make into wall art, so here it is! If you’re after a cheeky little printable, look no further – simply hit the downloads section below 🙂


Shut up please printable (size A4: 210mm x 297mm, 8.27 x 11.69 inches)
(free for personal use only)

xx Steph

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