leaves as craft materials

It may surprise you to know that I’ve never thought of myself as being especially creative. I was the kid who liked structure, thought ‘inside the box’ and did what I was told without question.

Fast forward to today and I still enjoy the comfort that structure brings, but I do love being challenged to think outside the box. It’s one of the things I enjoy most about working on projects for this blog – being in this space makes me flex those creative muscles all the time and also gives me the opportunity to drink in the work of the super talented folk who do this for a living.

Something that’s really got me thinking lately is the creative use of foliage in crafts. And really, why not? Leaves may be transient, but they can be so pretty – both in and of themselves and when combined with other materials. Not sure what I mean? Take a look at these amazing ways to work with foliage:

  • The leaves and paper in this garland makes for some seriously pretty patterns and textures
  • A whole gallery full of stunning leaf projects! The leaf crown is my personal fave.
  • And I really can’t get enough of Justina Blakeney’s Face the Foliage portraits. Super creative and totally beautiful.

I’ll be using foliage to make something fun of my own on Wednesday so make sure you tune in then!

xx Steph

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