October printable calendar and pumpkin straw toppers

October printable calendar and pumpkin straw toppers

Printable pumpkin straw toppers

Who’s getting pumped for Halloween? Despite the fact that this holiday’s not really as big in Australia as it is in other countries, I’m still growing more and more excited about it as the days go by. What can I say, costumes are fun and what’s even more fun is having the excuse to eat crazy amounts of candy!

Printable pumpkin straw toppers and ghost calendar

If you’re planning a Halloween bash this year, make sure you nab the freebies in this month’s newsletter – they’re bound to come in handy as you decorate your house for the celebrations to come. And okay, I’ll admit they’re more colourful than they are spooky, but they’ll still put a smile on your guests’ dials! After all, who can resist these lady pumpkin straw toppers with their fluttery eyelashes and little grins?

Printable pumpkin straw toppers

October 2016 ghost calendar

Lastly, don’t forget to print down October’s ghostly calendar so you can count down the days until the candy and costume festivities begin!

Printable pumpkin straw toppers

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Here’s to a spooooooky October folks!

xx Steph

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