DIY dip dyed soup spoons

DIY dip dyed soup spoons


We’re well on our way to winter and it’s getting chilly. The blankets are out, the heater is plugged in and I’ve got a fridge stocked with ingredients for heart-warming soups and casseroles.

We eat a lot of soup during the winter (duh, I guess most people do!) and quite a few of our mainstays are Asian-inspired. Which generally calls for a ceramic soup spoon. And though they’re pretty enough on their own, when I was shopping around I got inspired by these beauties and thought I’d try creating some of my own.

If you like the dip-dyed effect as much as I do, follow along and you’ll have yourself some gold-dipped spoons in no time!


  • Gold glass paint
  • Ceramic spoons
  • Paintbrush (optional)


Step 1

Dip your spoons into the gold paint. I’m lazy, so I just dipped mine straight into the jar, tipping the jar as I dipped them in so the paint line was at an angle.

Step 2

Let the excess paint drip off your spoons back into the pot. This is where a paintbrush may come in handy as the paint doesn’t always run off evenly (in my case, it came off the sides of the spoon and pooled in the middle).

While the paint is wet, don’t be too afraid of touching up with your paintbrush. You can shift paint around or removing excess and there should be enough paint for it to settle over the parts you’ve touched up without leaving any streaks.


Step 3

Leave the paint to dry overnight and then fire your spoons in the oven according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This is important so your paint sets properly and can withstand washing.



And there you have it! Pretty easy huh? A super quick DIY for soup spoons with a difference!

xx Steph

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