Tropical pink and green mood board

Tropical pink and green mood board

Life in colour | Tropical pink and green

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I know, I know. In the two other colour posts I’ve written so far, I mention how I started these boards as a way to familiarise myself with different colour combos; especially ones that I’m not used to mixing together. And yet here I am, once again combining pink and green, two shades that I gravitate towards all the time.

I promise next month’s board will venture a little more outside my comfort zone, but today I just couldn’t resist collecting images that contain my go-to colours, especially since I’ve been seeing these shades around so much lately.

As you can imagine, because these are my favourite colours, this board really is an inspiration for me and makes me smile. I hope the cheery tropical vibe gives your day a bit of a lift too!

xx Steph

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