Blush and grey mood board

Blush and grey mood board

Blush and grey colour combo

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Have you ever found yourself constantly drawn to certain a something but you’ve gone days, months, years without realising it? That was me with this blush pink and grey mix. My favourite colour is green and I’m always opting for bright, bold shades in my work (or so I thought), and then I looked through my Pinterest boards yesterday and saw that pin after pin had this muted colour palette. Well colour me suprised why don’t you! (ha, see what I did there?)

Now that I’ve been made aware of how much I like this combo, I’m definitely going to include it more in my DIYs and home styling. I love how effortlessly chic and delicately pretty it manages to be all at the same time – consider me a new (or should that be old?) fan!

xx Steph

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