Aqua, black and red mood board

Aqua, black and red mood board


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I have to say, I really enjoy putting together these ‘Life in Colour’ posts. It’s a ton of fun (and strangely relaxing) to hunt down different colour combos from around the web. Plus the shades that I come across are often refreshingly different to my usual turquoise and pink (or white and green) mix… and this month is no exception.

There was a time way back when I had a thing for blending red and blue together, but it hasn’t been on my radar for awhile now – something that I think I need to rectify pronto! Since compiling this board, I’ve become totally smitten with how fresh and clean these colours look together, especially when paired with black and lots of white.

What do you think – would you decorate your house (or your person) in aqua, red and black?

xx Steph

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