Friday faves | The Christmas edition

Friday faves | The Christmas edition

Our favourite DIYs for the festive season

It’s getting to that time of year now when the festive DIYs are out in force and boy have there been some ace projects doing the rounds lately!

Which is perfect timing for me, because my brain has checked out of anything related to mundane real life. Work has been a real struggle, but put some twinkly lights in front of my face and you’ve got my full attention!

Oh dear, maybe I should just call it quits and start my holidays now. Who’s with me? 😀

Given that Christmas DIYs that have gotten me so inspired lately, I decided to gather together my top picks for this Friday Faves post. There’s projects in this list to suit all skill levels, so there’s no excuse not to get your craft on as we approach the holidays!





Is it any surprise that the ‘feasting’ section has the most projects? I have a sweet tooth and I’m not afraid to show it haha. Enjoy the holiday crafting folks!

xx Steph

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