Friday faves | 20.03.15

Friday faves | 20.03.15


So, a few things. Firstly, boy am I glad it’s Friday. Secondly, I just ate a whole packet of speckled M&M easter eggs while I wrote this post. Thirdly, I started exercising again this week after a 3 month hiatus (you can see why I needed to start doing something active, yes?).

I’m not really sure if those statements are particularly relevant to… well anything, but I thought I’d share because that’s what’s been up. Work is busy, life is moving along and this week I’m mostly content.

I’ve also been busy squirrelling away some of my favourite finds and here they are for your viewing pleasure:

  • EAT – There are so many things that are incredible about this cake. It’s dark and moody, it’s a brilliant shade of purple… and it’s vegan. I know. Amazing.
  • WANTED – Here’s a confession for you… I don’t own a cake stand (WHAT?). Yeah, no self-respecting DIY blogger says things like this. But if I were to get a cake stand, it would totally be this one.
  • MAKE – I’ll openly admit this may be beyond my non-existent sewing skills but I do love the idea of making this gorgeous DIY leather pouf.
  • TRAVEL – Something we didn’t see in Japan, but I totally wish we had – fruity bus stops! (via Frankie Mag)
  • ART – Do you remember when you first joined Pinterest and it suggested people for you to follow? This artist was one of those people for me and I’m now a lifelong fan… her watercolours are simply beautiful.
  • RECAP – Did you see the marbled easter egg place card holders I shared earlier this week? They’re lots of fun to make – you should give them a go!

I hope all’s been well in your day to day and here’s to an excellent weekend!

xx Steph

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