Friday faves | 19.02.16

Friday faves | 19.02.16


It’s been a week of big changes and while I can’t yet reveal what’s been happening, I can tell you that I feel more positive about the future than I have in months.

I realise that last sentence makes me one of those annoying people who teases you with a secret but doesn’t fully share – I’m sorry! I promise I’ll spill all as soon as I can; I just had to let you in on how I was feeling because it’s been ages since I’ve been this upbeat. I’m going to light some candles and soak up these positive vibes while they last – thanks for listening and I hope you’ve got something equally as bright planned for your weekend! 🙂

  • WANT – I probably don’t need another shopping bag, but gosh darn it this leather one is stunning!
  • ART – I stumbled upon this talented lady the other day and I’m so glad I did because her work makes my heart sing.
  • WEARThese socks really speak to my inner nerd
  • DRINK – Forget winter, I’m going to be drinking this scrumptious cocktail all year round
  • EAT – My sweet tooth is getting worse and my stomach is getting wider, but that hasn’t stopped me from eyeing off this cake with the view to devour it whole.
  • RECAP – Don’t miss out on making yourself some storage box buddies!
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