Friday faves | 17.10.14

Friday faves | 17.10.14

Friday faves 17-10-14

I don’t know about you guys, but this has been one of THE MOST trying weeks for me. I definitely haven’t been doing much kicking back or relaxing… in fact, I’ve made myself sick with all the work and long hours. 🙁

But I did get to spend a fantastic Saturday at a friend’s birthday, sipping cocktails under striped umbrellas in the sunshine. Totally my favourite part of the week. Oh, and my husband came home after a 10 day trip overseas. The house is a wreck with his clothes and stuff strewn everywhere but it’s more than worth it to have him here to give me hugs and make me laugh (and make me dinner!).

And there’s also been plenty of internet prettiness to keep me upbeat during the tough times. Try these picks out for size:

  • I get super dooper excited when I find a store with to-die-for homewares that’s Aussie-based. Hunt and Bow are my latest crush – get ready credit card, I think I’ll be shopping here all the time.
  • Speaking of homewares, I just have to get my hands on one of these. So beautiful.
  • Never in all my years would I have thought about using spray paint this way. Just genius – and now I’m itching to try it for myself!
  • For those in the Halloween mood, here’s a list of practically every way you can dress a pumpkin without carving. Impressive.

xx Steph

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