Friday faves | 16.09.16

Friday faves | 16.09.16

On my desk this week

Who here’s been finding it hard to drag themselves out of bed and off to work lately? I’ve been struggling with this something fierce, and not just on Mondays but every day.

I think maybe it’s because we’re near the end of the year and I’m done with going to the office (I can’t stop thinking about how we’re on the downward stretch towards December and the summer holidays, yeahhhh). Or perhaps the weather’s been driving me to distraction because it’s been so beautiful out. Either way, after spending the last month of mornings reluctantly trudging to work I decided enough was enough and I booked in a holiday!

I highly recommend arranging flights somewhere if you’re feeling a little restless, even if it’s only to the next state – it’s amazing how much having a new adventure to look forward to can improve one’s mood. We’ll be heading to Japan in February and now instead of daydreaming about escaping into the sunshine, I can start planning for our next adventure!

I’ll share more on our plans as they develop. In the meantime, I hope you find a lot of lovely Friday inspiration in the links below and have a brilliant weekend. 🙂

xx Steph

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