Friday faves | 13.05.16

Friday faves | 13.05.16

petals and ribbon

Hola friends! We’re officially two weeks away from June. Can you believe it? TWO WEEKS. The thought makes me kind of panicky because I’d planned to achieve so much over the course of this year and now it’s already half way over!

But you know what? Yesterday I took some time out to look back over the last few months and I realised that I’ve actually hit quite a few of the goals I was aiming for. It just doesn’t feel that way because when you’re right in the middle of things, it’s hard to see any progress. Know what I mean?

Anyway, that’s enough philosophical musing from me this week (try not to sigh too loudly with relief). It’s Friday and that means it’s well and truly time to stop deliberating and start partying! And by party, I mean get out the sketchpad, curl up in front of the TV and drink hot chocolate. 😉

I hope your weekend brings you amazing things – have a good one!

  • WANT – My friend Erin has just opened a shop and I’m in love with everything listed. You guys are keeping a record of things to get me for my birthday right? Well I’d like one of each please. 😉
  • EAT – I love eye motifs, so naturally I adore these cupcakes
  • MAKE – Did you know it’s possible to watercolour fabric? I can’t believe this info was missing from my life for so long!
  • ART – Nina Cosford’s my latest artist crush. I especially like these swimmers she illustrated. Also, you should check out her shop because she sells pants badges which make me giggle.
  • DRINK – A cute way to make super cool and extra pretty mimosas
  • RECAP – Did you catch my stool makeover? It was so easy that I think I’m going to be making over all my old furniture from now on. Also, if you’re into cereal, you might really like this print. 😉

xx Steph

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