Friday faves | 11.03.16

Friday faves | 11.03.16

Eggs and more eggs!

Ugh I tell you what, this year so far has wreaked havoc with my waistline. I’ve been eating dessert like there’s no tomorrow, I haven’t exercised for 3 months, and now it’s gotten to the point where I can’t fit into my pants. So there’s no avoiding it anymore – I’ve got to stop eating all the sugar. Which is HARD when every single project I’m working on at the moment involves chocolate eggs. Blogger problems indeed.

If you’ve got any healthy eating, exercise or general self control tips, I’d love to hear them. In the meantime, you’ll find me scoffing down chocolate working on the latest easter project and dreaming about dessert. Ha!

  • EAT – Just when I decided I shouldn’t be ogling cakes anymore, I found this chocolate stunner
  • WEAR – If I can’t eat pavlova, then I guess wearing it is the next best thing?
  • LOVE – Speaking of wearing food, maybe I can transform my passion for dessert into a love for dessert-themed headgear instead! (via The Design Files)
  • WANT – Okay, okay, enough sweet talk… here’s something non-food-related that I’m completely crushing on
  • RECAP – Had an idea flop? Get this art on your walls pronto! Oh, and these colourful cake toppers will be the icing on the cake (geddit?) if you’re having a summer-themed birthday party. 😉

xx Steph

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