Friday faves | 09.10.15

Friday faves | 09.10.15

Friday faves | 09.10.15

Yep, it’s been another crazy week (sorry guys, I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record with all the busy, busy, busy). I hope things ease up soon because this pace is just nuts and I’m sure you’re all sick to death of hearing about it!

On a more positive note, I wanted to share a pic from the wedding I went to a couple of weeks ago, which was SO beautiful and a lovely reminder of what’s really important in life. Spending a night out with my loved ones and away from my screen was exactly what I needed to recharge… I probably say this all the time but I’ve got to get out of the house more often!

I hope you get a chance to unwind and relax this weekend – have a great one!

WANTED – I’ve been needing some floor pillows for awhile and these ones float my boat

HOME – I’ve got a sudden urge to paint shapes all over my house

PRINTUnicorns! Need I say more?

DRINKSuper pretty, super tasty, what more could one ask for?

ART – Remember all those times your mum told you not to play with your food?

MAKEMiniMakers guys! If you have kiddos who love gift bags, crafting and games (what kid doesn’t?) then this event is for you!

RECAP – I’ve been catching up on all the project sharing this week! If you missed it, you can find my abstract wall art DIY and veggie tote bag printable on Curbly and some cute air plant holders on Squirrelly Minds. All are perfect for a weekend crafternoon. 🙂

xx Steph

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