Friday faves | 18.12.15

Friday faves | 18.12.15

Friday faves | 18-12-15

This is a shot of what’s been on my desk lately. I cleaned it up especially for you guys though – what you can’t see is the mess surrounding this peaceful scene, like all the baubles, walnuts, pinecones, yarn, felt, string, leather, paint, ink, dip brushes, tassels, paintbrushes, napkins, paint pens and extra pairs of scissors. Needless to say, life has been chaotic lately and therefore so is my desk. And to think I was planning on having a quiet Christmas!

The good news is that soon I’ll be off for two weeks – yessssss. I’ll be writing you a nice long post to update you on all that’s been happening lately and then you can bet I’ll be right on off to beach. 🙂

While I wait for that dream to become a reality, here’s some lovely links to tide us all over until the Christmas break begins!

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